New missions...

Okay here are the new missions. Enjoy.

Daffodil Fairy - Because you seem to love these missions so much I have one hand picked for you. You need to hop on a scooter and drive to Lafayette. You need to meet Colin Powell at Chuck E. Cheese. He will be dressed up in one of the characters costume things as a disguise. He'll be on the stage singing "My girl" so that way you know it's him. After his performance meet him in the game room. He is going to give you a disk. You need to take that disk and find a computer to load it onto pronto. I have no idea what is on the disk, you must find out and then comment. It has the rest of the mission on there. One of my partners typed it up so that's why I don't know what it is. Good luck.

Misscantdriveacar - You need to swim, yes swim, to Hawaii. There will be a Mexican man waiting for you by a volcano. Once you find him he will give you a can of spam. It's going to be an explosive. You need to plant it at the Teletubbie HQ. We don't need any Teletubbies interferring with our plans. Good luck and godspeed.

Nick (you need a code name) - You need to find a way to get into the Big Brother house. Holly tried to get back into the house and got locked inside of a closet there. The housemates don't know she's there though. You must rescue her. Good luck.

Mr. Iced Tea - I need you to go to New Orleans and find out which hotel the Jets will be staying at this Friday. I want Pennington's autograph because he's just awesome. Yea. Okay...good luck.


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New Missions...

First, I'd like to welcome Nick to the group! Great to have ya here buddy. Anyone comment with ideas for his code name please.

On to the missions -

Daffodil Fairy - Since you seem so eager to have more missions I will give you an extremely complex brain frying mission.

You need to catch an air plane and go to Romania. A tall man named Bruno will be waiting for you there. He is going to escort you to a sacred forest where you will then have to search for a tree, not just any tree though. There is a tree with a white marking on it. The marking looks somewhat like the letter "J" or "T" When you find that tree you will wait there until sunrise. At sunrise every morning a rabbit goes to that tree and tranforms into a human. Hide until the transformation has taken place. Then approach him. He will look like a pirate. You need to talk to him into giving you a shell, it's not just any shell though. It's a very special shell that holds the cure to rabies. Once we have that shell we can cure all those dogs with rabies and then possibly have them on our side! Now I know this doesnt sound hard but you will find that this Pirate is very, very mean. You need to bribe him into giving you the shell. He doesn't want your money, he has enough treasure to last him a lifetime. You may have to bring him somewhere and get to know him better. Convince him you are his friend. Anything. Just get that shell!

Mr. Iced Tea - No mission except have fun in Grand Isle!

Misscanddriveacar - Not much of a mission for you this time since Tabi's took up so much room. What you need to do is devise a plan for us to take over and conquer Greenland. That chunk of land could be useful. All I need is an idea for now. We'll dedicate an entire post to the actual mission.

Nick - Small mission since you're new. I need you to contact the Berwick Principal and see if he wants to join the fight with us. Osama probably won't. He hates birds.
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<3 Bill Thomas hehe

Okay, first of all Becca needs a new code name. Please comment with suggestions Fairly! Also, I need a code name too. Anyone?

I noticed that Daffodil Fairy hasn't posted with any progress from her mission. She is going to be penalized now.

.Penalty. Must retrieve me a soy muffin. Punk.

That's it for now. Mr. Iced Tea, what's going on with the rescue mission? Any casualites? Beccer, where's Genfu?


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Holla back whodies.
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Mission number 1...

Okay people. Mission time. Get your Tom Cruise shades and James Bond gear. It's go time.

But first, I figured I should assign Code Names for us. Just to add to the cool factor.

Becca - Putt Putt 700

Tabi - Daffodil Fairy

Fairly - Mr. Iced Tea

Since you 3 are the only members on here that's all I'll do. If you don't like then you can come up with something else. Just comment with what you like better:) Also, someone comment with one for me please.

Now to the missions, which I know you all have been waiting for.

_Putt Putt 700__
You need to find away to sneak into the DOA building. How you enter makes no difference. Once in you need to shut off the security system and find a way into the training facilities. When you are in there you need to find a way to kidnap Genfu. He is the overseer of the Moose Community. Having the Moose on our side would be very valuable. Once you have Genfu contact me. We will arrange where you need to bring him so we can negotiate. Please comment with a report.

__Daffodil Fairy__
Your mission is extremely simple. Find a way to New Orleans. Once there, go the aquarium and buy me a season pass. I love fish:) Comment with any occurances that may happen on this mission.

__Mr. Iced Tea__
Your mission is to make your way to Miami. Ricky Williams retired. I don't like that. He was our key to having NFL players joining the Pigeon World. Now that he is retired, we could lose many members. You need to talk to him about possibly re-joining the NFL or at least having a NFL related job. We can't afford to lose those members. Comment with any progress.


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The first post...

Okay, until everyone has joined that I invited I won't post any missions for you to do. Until the 5 I invited have join I'll just post information on pigeons for your entertainment.

Nifty Bird and Science Words:

Rock Dove:the common name for the original pigeon

Columba livia: the scientific name for pigeon

ornithology: the study of birds

iridescence: the rainbow-like shine found on the neck feathers of some pigeons

hackle: the neck feathers of a bird

hen: an adult female pigeon

cock: an adult male pigeon

hatchling: a pigeon that has just come out of its egg (hatched)

squab: a young pigeon from 1 to 30 days old

-All righty then. Feel free to comment:)-
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